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  • Matthews End Jaw Matthellini


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    The Matthews Matthellini End Jaw secures tighter while enabling smoother hand unlocking, controls lighting reflections, and is more extremely durable.

    As the most universal clamp in the world, the Matthellini grips securely to round, square or rectangular tubing. The threaded and reinforced jaw expands and tightens to irregular surfaces such as lumber, cinder block walls, drop ceiling framework, car rigs, steel I beams, and more. The Matthews ergonomic handle enables strong tightening and appropriate leverage for loosening, preventing the need for a hammer. Rig light fixtures and modifiers anywhere, on any set, for any shot.

    The  End Jaw version affixes the Baby Pin at the far end of the threaded portion of the shaft. This version is best when needing to extend the light or modifier further away from the mounting point. But that's not the limit of its uses--every day, the Matthews team engages their customers on social media to learn new and unique uses on set.