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Lee Filters 203 1/4 CT Blue 24x21" Gel Filter Sheet

Lee Filters

Key Features
  • 3200K Color Temperature to 3600K
  • -35 Mired Shift
  • Can Cool a Scene
  • 0.15 Density for 3200K Tungsten
  • 70.5% Light Transmission for 3200K
  • 0.16 Density for 6774K Source C
  • 69.3% Light Transmission for 6774K
  • Heat Resistant to 356°F
  • Polyester Construction

    The 203 Quarter Color Temperature Blue Filter from LEE Filters is uniform in color and with a mired shift value of -35, can be applied over a light fixture to purposely create a cool cast over a scene. This filter is constructed from polyester that is heat resistant to 356°F.

    This filter is useful for converting tungsten light sources with a color temperature of 3200K to 3600K. Under 3200K tungsten light, the 203 Quarter Color Temperature Blue Filter exhibits a 0.15 density and transmits light at 70.5%. Under 6774K Source C light, it exhibits a 0.16 density and transmits light at 69.3%.

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