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  • Kippertie Adapta RF/EF Lens Adapter


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    Due to increased demand and limited production capacity, all Revolva and Adapta lens mounts may not be available for in-store purchase and are typically special order with an estimated lead time of 6 weeks or more.

    For more details call us at 858-467-7111.


    Solid Locking, Accurate, Reliable.

    Adapta RF/EF is the positive locking high quality EF mount adapter specifically designed for RED® Komodo.

    Converting from Komodo’s native RF mount to ever-popular EF, Adapta RF/EF is carefully designed with optical baffles and flare traps for optimal performance, and with consideration for Komodo’s cine-style usage.

    The mount is optimised for strength and long life.  Stainless steel and aerospace grade aluminium are used throughout. The EF mount is shimmable for accurate backfocus, and is of a positive locking design with no free play.

    Essential to the concept is the included robust support foot engineered to match the Komodo’s body size, allowing the mount to be tied rigidly to a base plate or other support with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 fittings.

    Optionally the Chinstrap mount support provides exceptional rigidity connecting the Adapta RF/EF directly to the Komodo camera body.

    Adapta RF/EF is designed especially to complement Komodo, but will fit any RF mount.  All standard EF lenses are compatible, and all available electronic functionality from the host camera is passed through.