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Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapter for MoVi Pro with Lemo

Ignite Digi

Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters are sold as a pair and allow you to power the MōVI Pro Gimbal with the longer-lasting DJI TB50 intelligent batteries.
TB50's are an alternative battery solution for the Freefly MōVI Pro gimbal. Our TB50 adaptors are sold as a pair and provide over double the run time of the standard MōVI Pro batteries! 

The TB50 Lemo Version has additional power outputs for high draw accessories: such as the Tilta Nucleus-M, cForce motors, Preston MDRs, Rain Deflectors and Small HD 503/703 LCDs - avoiding the load issues that can occur via the MōVI Pro D-taps.

Designed, Manufactured and Made in Australia by Ignite Digi

SKU IG.100157

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