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Ignite Digi Dual Rod Mounts - 105mm Spacing (Black)

Ignite Digi

Our Dual Rod Mounts supports two 15mm rods for mounting accessories at the top of your camera. We've designed this support with 105mm spacing between the dual 15mm rod ports. This spacing transforms the Dual Rod Mount into two individual mounts, allowing you to simultaneously attach FIZ motors, Cinetape, Focus Bug horns and other accessories on both sides of the camera.


The Dual Rod Mount screws onto our range of Camera Top Plates with 2xM4 by 25mm countersunk screws. We include 4xM4 25mm countersunk screws (includes two spares).
  • Camera Top Plates are sold separately & 15mm rods are not included.
  • Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Australia by Ignite Digi.

SKU IG.100044

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