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GDU 98Wh Mini V-Lock Battery

Global Dynamics United

An industry first... The entire back case of the GDU battery is machined out of a solid piece of 6061 aluminum.  This aluminum back also acts as a massive heatsink to help remove heat away from the camera body and helps dissipate heat during high amp charging.   Available in both Black and Red anodize.

Pins have Data Communication so RED cameras will show runtime minutes etc. on the display. 

These Batteries are under 100wh and are carry-on safe as regulated by the TSA. 

Inside electronics built by Dynacore using Japanese cells. Assembled in Stage 4 @ RED studios hollywood. 

Batteries have 1 D-Tap port and 1 USB 5V/2A port

  • Output 14.8V / 10A ( 120W ) Max. Protected @ 15A. 
  • 98Wh Capacity
  • 4 LED charge indicator
  • 102mm x 74mm x 52mm
  • Weight : 550grams
  • 1 year no BS replacement warranty through GDU


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