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  • Denecke TC-1 Time Code Reader - SMPTE / EBU


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    The Deneke Dcode TC-1 Time Code Reader allows the access of time code to film editing at a substantially lower cost of other systems. When using time coded film dailies, editors working directly with film can use the TC-1 to assist them in syncing, making high speed searches, logging, and keeping accurate time-date records of the actual production.


    Reads SMPTE and EBU time code from VTRs, Film editing machines and Film Synchronizers from 1/50th to 50 time speed in forward and reverse directions.


    When transferring audio tape to mag film it cleans and reshapes time code while generating a 60 Hz sync pulse from 24 or 30 fps.


    A standard function is the Freeze mode which halts the display at a desired point; this is accomplished by utilizing the hold button.