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  • Denecke Dcode PS-T Microphone Power Supply

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    Denecke's Dcode PS-T Microphone Power Supply is a low noise 12V parallel or T power supply that feeds a broad range of condenser mics. In addition to -15dB pad, it uniquely features a polarity reversal switch for powering older red dot mics. -A single 9V battery can run a high current microphone for up to 24 hours. Small, rugged, and light weight construction makes the PS-T perfect for mobile applications. A noise floor under 0.01 mVAC also suits it for mics feeding DAT machines, radio mics, tape machines, and mixing panels. -Support for Red Dot Microphones A unique polarity reversal feature lets you feed some older specialty mics with the PS-T. Red dot mics don't work under the usual T-Power scheme of sending positive current on XLR pin 2 and returning negative current via pin 3. The PS-T's Red Dot switch lets you reverse this relationship, so you can use these mics too. -Low Noise With a noise floor under 0.01 mVAC, the PS-T sounds surprisingly quiet when the mic is capturing dead air. -Excellent Battery Performance A single 9V battery can feed a high current mic up to 24 hours (results will vary with different mics). When you first put a battery in, the PS-T flashes to let you know it's okay. If the battery is weak, the LED lights and remains steady to warn of possible poor mic performance. -Pad Switch The Microphone Power Supply offers -15 pad to boost the signal when mic performance is low or the signal is weak. -Rugged Construction The Phantom Power Supply is made small but tough to handle use on the road as well as in the studio.
    Denecke Dcode PS-T Microphone Power Supply Microphone Power Supply Limited 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty