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Core SWX Nano Micro 150 Kits with Charger

Core SWX

The Nano Micro series offer some of the smallest style packs on the market today. The Nano Micro 150 measures in at less than 4" in height and 3" in depth, while weighing a feathery 1.55 lbs., making it a perfect "grab and go" pack. Capable of handling up to a 12A continuous load, consider these packs for the majority of powering applications.

The packs feature an on-board unregulated p-tap which can be used to power most 12vdc devices, as well as doubling as a charge input port. The packs also include a 5V, 3A USB for powering/charging mobile devices, and a 4-stage LED gauge to view remaining power.



Capacity: 147Wh (14.8v, 9.9Ah)

Operational Voltage: DC 12v-16.8v

Size: 3.93" x 2.63"

Weight: 1.55 lbs

Normal Runtime (25W): 5.9 hours

Load: 16A peak / 12A continuous


NANO-V150K - Q2 NANOV150 and Q1 GPMX2S Bundle

NANO-G150K - Q2 NANOG150 and Q1 GPMX2A Bundle

NANO-V150K4 - Q4 NANOV150 and Q1 GPX4S Bundle

NANO-G150K4 - Q4 NANOG150 and Q1 GPX4A Bundle