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Core SWX L-Series NPF Flat Pack Battery for SmallHD Focus Monitors

Core SWX

Key Features
  • 60Wh L-Series Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Designed for SmallHD Focus Monitors
  • 7.2V, 7800mAh Capacity
  • 4-Stage LED Gauge
  • Notch Allows Monitor to Fully Rotate
  • Doesn't Block Air Vents
  • Allows Pass-Through D-Tap Power
  • Low-Profile Design

Power your SmallHD Focus on-camera monitor with this 60Wh L-Series NPF Flat Pack Battery from Core SWX. The flat-shaped L-series battery slides easily onto any SmallHD Focus battery plate and features a corner notch so it doesn't get in the way of the tilt arm, and its shape doesn't block the air vents.

The Flat Pack features a 7.2V, 7800mAh capacity and weighs less than one pound. It has a four-stage LED gauge system that shows battery life status with the press of a button. In the notch area, there is a 7 to 17 VDC barrel power input that allows you to power your monitor using pass-through D-Tap camera power with a separately available cable. If the DC input is cut off, power will fail over to the Flat Pack without interruption.

For SmallHD Focus on-camera monitors with L-series battery plates
60W, 7.2V, 7800mAh capacity lithium-ion battery
Four-stage LED power gauge
Corner notch cutout to allow full tilt arm rotation and doesn't block air vents
7 to 17 VDC power input to utilize D-Tap power from your camera with a separately available cable


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