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Bright Tangerine 114mm Black Hole Mini Rubber Donut for Misfit Atom (Conical Shape)

Bright Tangerine

The Bright Tangerine Black Hole Mini Rubber Donut fits on Bright Tangerine's Misfit and Misfit Atom matte boxes, as well as compatible ARRI matte boxes, allowing you to use lenses with a front outer diameter of 58 to 114mm. The rubber donut is flexible, making it especially useful for lenses that change length as they change focus. The donut snugs to your lens, allowing the lens to rotate without letting light flare your filters.


Lenses that travel up to 2", and lenses with a diameter of 58 to 114mm.

Matte Box

For Bright Tangerine Misfit and Atom Misfit matte boxes. Additionally fits select ARRI matte boxes with 114mm rear opening.

SKU  B1250.1077

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