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  • Aputure Space Light


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    Key Features

    • LS 120 and 300 Series LED Lights
    • Ideal for Producing Overhead Soft Light
    • Compatible w/ Bowens Front Mount Lights
    • 28.5" Height, 18" Diameter

    Compatible with Aputure LS 120 and 300 series LED lights, or any LED light with a Bowens front accessory mount, the Space Light is commonly hung (often with several space lights) on set or in a studio to fill the space with general soft illumination. The 28.5" long translucent modifier has an 18" diameter and a cylindrical shape with an open bottom to allow some light to reach the floor. The Space Light ships with a side reflector to provide some degree of control and create a ratio of output from one side to the other.


    With LS C120d Light

    1800 lux @ 1.6' (0.5m)

    740 lux @ 3.3' (1.0m)

    270 lux @ 6.5' (2.0m)

    Aputure Space Light

    Space Light Body

    Side Reflector

    6 x Clips

    Storage Bag

    Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty